Veebiseminar turvalisuskultuurist

Kell 16:00
Asukoht: Lille 10, Tartu,

Kutsume kõiki huvilisi 13. novembril kell 16-18 Tartu Loodusmajja (Lille 10), kus korraldame veebiseminari turvalisuskultuurist.
Seminar toimub FoEE projekti  "Strategic Responses to Shrinking Civil Society Space" raames ja kohale on kutsutud esinejad Ameerikast ja Euroopast, mistõttu toimub üritus inglise keeles.

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What is security culture? If you don't know, this could be for you! As the environmental problems become more severe, NGOs must increase their power to influence the outcome of different decisions. But, if they are effective in this goal, they will also be heavily targeted by the opposition. Here security culture and operational security become important - how to protect sensitive information and action plans from leaking, how to communicate securely in a digital age, how to foster trust between activists? The seminar should increase the level of security for participating organizations, especially for those who see the need to use non-violent civil disobedience methods in their work. 
More specific outline of the evening:
- Introducing the idea of threat modelling, with a specific focus on online safety and security.
- Organizational models for both specific actions and general groups that help minimize risk and ensure security.
- Fostering group norms that protect security culture.
- How to identify campaign targets, plan actions, etc (if time permits) 

A few words about the presenters:

Max Wilbert is an organizer, writer, and wilderness guide who grew up in Seattle's post-WTO anti-globalization and undoing racism movement. For 15 years, he been involved in campaigns against sexual violence, industrial energy extraction, water grabs, racism, and forest destruction.

Max is the author of two books. Bright Green Lies (forthcoming) provides a deep ecology perspective on green technology. His first book, We Choose to Speak, is a collection of essays released in 2018. His essays have been published in Counterpunch, Earth Island Journal, and elsewhere.

Max also works in multimedia. After participating in a climate science expedition of to the Russian Arctic in 2010, he produced a short film on global warming. He has received several awards for conservation photography, and produces a podcast called The Green Flame. Max works with two grassroots organizations: Deep Green Resistance and Fertile Ground Institute for Social and Ecological Justice. He lives in rural Oregon, where he leads youth on wilderness trips. His website is https://maxwilbert.org.

Jonah Mix is an activist and organizer living on occupied Duwamish land in the so-called United States. Serving as the literature coordinator for Deep Green Resistance, he is focused on radicalizing the fight against environmental destruction by sharing thoughtful, productive strategies for decisive revolutionary action. He hopes to reach those who are tired of the endless setbacks and compromises that have come to define modern environmentalism and provide them with the tools necessary for the next level in serious resistance. He is also a writer, mathematician, and philosopher who tutors children and goes for hikes in his spare time.