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Green Drinks Tartu

13:34 21. oktoober 2014

At the core of the events held in the context of Green Drinks Tartu are topics addressed by respective experts in a way that shows the participants how environmental themes are interwoven with the choices and decisions they make in their everyday lives.

The format of these events is derived from a chance meeting of a circle of environmentally conscious friends in a North London pub originally in 1989, which, in 1990, were styled ‘Green Drinks’ (

The meetings adhere to the idea that they are open to anyone who cares about the environment and is willing to express one’s opinion on green issues. By convention, the meetings are held once a month. Within the framework of self-organised citizens’ initiatives, this format has, as of this moment, incorporated 636 cities worldwide into the network.

In Estonia, these kinds of gatherings began under the name of Green Drinks Tartu in April 2011. In the context of the meetings, the discussions have covered the construction of Rail Baltica, the environmental impact of the comprehensive plan for Tartu city centre, ecocide in Europe, the activities of the Estonian Council of Environmental NGOs, environmental journalism, the activities of the Organic Garden of Tartu, and many other interesting topics.

More detailed information about the events is available on the Green Drinks Tartu Facebook page.

The Green Drinks events are organised by the Estonian Green Movement in collaboration with the Tartu Environmental Education Centre. The events are supported by the City of Tartu and Põhjala Teetalu.