Urban spaces

According to the data of Statistics Estonia, in 2011, 67.9% of the country’s population lived in urban areas. This percentage is certain to increase further. Therefore, urban spaces figure prominently in people’s everyday lives, constituting an environment that affects them directly.

The Estonian Green Movement aims to reduce the environmental impact of urban spaces, to keep them unpolluted, and to inspire people to take eco-friendly and sustainable decisions in order to improve the urban environment.

The Estonian Green Movement seeks to:

  • encourage the development of public transport and greenways, and to reduce the significance of traffic;
  • use eco-friendly and sustainable materials;
  • prepare well-considered urban development plans that have undergone extensive deliberation;
  • draw attention to environmental problems facing cities and to provoke general discussion;
  • control pollution and waste produced in urban spaces and to ensure its safe disposal;
  • implement innovative systems to reduce the wastage of resources;
  • facilitate people-friendly development of urban spaces to improve the quality of everyone’s life.