The Estonian Green Movement welcomes everyone who wishes to take action for Estonia’s and the world’s environment. At the present time, the organisation is concentrated in Tartu, but we are looking for people from all across Estonia – the bigger our coverage of Estonia, the better our chances of doing more for overlooked places as well.

For its part, the Estonian Green Movement offers:

  • flexibility, so you can choose yourself a congenial role and set yourself feasible assignments;
  • a supportive team, plus the necessary training and work equipment;
  • the broadening of one’s environmental horizons, superb experiences, and wonderful new acquaintances, meaning multifaceted self-development;
  • opportunities to develop an organisation with a grand history and international relations.

Who knows, maybe you will become our next project manager!

Currently, we are looking for assistance with the following:

  • media (website management, preparation of press releases, writing and editing of articles);
  • involvement in campaigns;
  • translation of texts;
  • co-ordination of volunteers;
  • involvement in the writing/execution of projects.

At the same time, we do not turn away anyone with good ideas for improving the environment in Estonia. You can write to us at info[at]roheline.ee.